Barak Varr

Barak Varr Dwarf City Population: Unknown

Barak Varr was the Easternmost City of the Twin Fortress of the Dwarves, with Barak Ruur to the West. Located in the iron rich Cragspire Mountains, it has been one of the biggest sourced of Minerals on Lutharia for centuries. The Dwarves, by use of the High Elf Causeways, could deliver their Minerals to all of Lutharia where they fetched a high price.

However, after the War of Stone, and the sacking of Barak Ruur by the Greenskin armies, the Dwarves retreated To Barak Varr. The Dwarf king, Thane Breggrimm Lighthammer, ordered all loyal dwarves to retreat to Barak Varr or forever be cast out as Traitors and Deserters.

Since the Cataclysm, it would appear little has changed. The surface races have not heard anything from of the residents of Barak Varr.

Barak Varr

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