Ruurntal Orc/Goblin City Population 23,427

Since in the history of Lutharia has been kept, the Dwarves had always been at war with the Greenskin warbands that sought their precious mines and mountain lands for their own. The Twin Dwarf Strongholds of Barak Varr and Barak Ruur would constantly be under attack from wave after wave of Orcs adn Goblinoids. However, masters of defending their territory, the Dwarves always held out long enough for the Greenskins to give up their siege and disband their assault force in perry bickering.

However, in 1238, a new leader arose in the Orc lands, Ornokk Doomfury. Showing a remarkable ability to unify the Ork Tribes, he manage to amass an Army so vast, Lutharia had never seen it’s like. It was rumored to be over 50,000 men strong. It was this Army that marched on Barak Ruur in 1242, beginning the War of the Stone, which would end in victory for the Orcs at the Battle of Barak Ruur in 1244. The Dwarves, for their part, had sent messengers to the Humans and the Elves for aid. Alas, the Humans were already overstretched with their own war, and the Elves, who had already pledged their support to the Human forces, could not lend any aide.

After the War, the Dwarves issued a Decree staying that from this point forward, the Dwarves would cease to have any relations with the other Races of Lutharia, and that any of their kind who wished to stay above ground were no longer welcome in their Halls. In 1244 they all retreated to the Mines of Barak Varr and have not been head from since.

Meanwhile, the Orcs spent little time settling in to Barak Ruur, which was renamed Ruurntal, ‘tal’ meaning Victory in Orcish. It became known that any inhabitant of Lutharia who was discriminated against due to race, color of creed could come to Ruurntal and be treated as Equal. Ruurntal is currently home to dozen of species, including


as well as renegade elves and humans. there is even rumored to be a Dragon, long considered t be extinct on Lutharia, nesting in one of the abandoned mine, although this has never been proven.

Since the Cataclysm, the Savage Races, as the like to call themselves, have been forming bands to search the Surrounding areas for valuables. They have launched the most extensive expedition into the Blasted Lands around Chatador, with little or no success. However, they do seem to have a large access to Magical Weaponry and other Arcane items from these expeditions, and are welcomed at the great market at Slumtown.


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